Serica Careers

Empowering innovators to transcend borders

It’s an ambitious, challenging, and exciting mission that requires us to break down cultural barriers, remove miscommunication and misconception, to foster trust and collaboration between innovators from radically different markets.

Working across high-impact sectors such as healthcare, greentech, mobility, software, digital commerce, and fintech we enable innovators the world over to achieve commercial success and scale their solutions in unfamiliar markets. From growth-stage startups ready to take to the next step to established corporates looking to shake up the market, we have to adapt each innovator’s unique needs and vision with speed and precision.

Exciting challenges and opportunities lie ahead – new regions, technologies, and industries. Guided by our three core values, our rapidly growing team will meet these challenges with tenacity, hard work, and creativity. Join us!

What to expect

Serica Careers | What to Expect | Challenge & Opportunity
Challenge & Opportunity

Dynamic work across exciting industry verticals that test your limits and unlock your full potential. 


Serica Careers | What to Expect | Reward & Recognition
Reward & Recognition

Generous annual raises, performance-related bonuses and profit sharing for everyone.

Serica Careers | What to Expect | Freedom & Accountability
Freedom & Accountability

Take full ownership of your own work without being hindered by bureaucracy or micro-management.

Serica Careers | What to Expect | Learning & Growth
Learning & Growth

Continuous training, mentorship, and support to learn new skills and accelerate your career.

Serica Careers | What to Expect | Flexible Schedule
Flexible Schedule

We trust you to know your schedule and work when (and where) you feel the most productive.

Serica Careers | What to Expect | Generous Vacations
Generous Vacations

A minimum of 35 days of paid vacation time per year for all people in all regions. No strings attached.

Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone is treated with equal respect and judged on the basis of their work, not their background.

Serica Careers | What to Expect | Support Giving Back
Support Giving Back

Practical support and time to volunteer for causes and communities you are passionate about.