Market Representation

Local experts to win business, forge partnerships, and scale your operations nationwide.

Serica Market Representation Solutions | Market Representation
Market Establishment

Establish a profitable and self-sufficient subsidiary in just eighteen months.

Serica - Market Representation - Regulatory Approval
Regulatory Approval

Gain the regulatory approval needed to access and operate in China.

Innovation Sourcing

Source the latest technology and innovations you need to fulfill your global ambitions.

Serica | Market Expansion | Board Governance
Board Governance

Receive expert local knowledge and strategic oversight with a Serica representative on your board.

Business Development

Serica also provides short-term engagements – from a day to a couple of weeks – to help you achieve your most immediate business development goals.

Serica Market Representation | Business Development | Account Management
Account Management

Expertly manage relations with your most important stakeholders. 

Serica Market Representation | Business Development | Contract Negotiation
Contract Negotiation

Practical support to shape, structure, and close a range of commercial agreements.

Serica Market Representation | Business Development | Event Representation
Event Representation

Promote your brand and core offerings at key conferences, trade shows, and events.