Market Establishment

Establish a profitable and self-sufficient subsidiary in just eighteen months.

Serica Market Establishment
The land of opportunity

China is now the world’s largest beneficiary of foreign direct investment (FDI). Lured by the lucrative opportunities offered by the market, many companies struggle to adapt, spending considerable time and resources on establishing their business only to get results that fall far short of expectations.

Serica’s Market Establishment solution enables you to form a profitable and self-sufficient subsidiary in just 12 to 18 months at a fraction of the cost, time, and risk of doing so independently. We handle all your needs, from developing strategies and winning business to managing key accounts and recruiting local talent, all without you needing to set foot in China.

Our Approach

Serica | Market Establishment | Plan

Analyze your business, conduct market research, and develop a comprehensive go-to-market strategy.

Serica | Market Establishment | Grow

Actively promote your brand and solutions, generate leads, and win business from your target prospects.

Serica | Market Establishment | Consolidate

Recruit, train, and manage local talent then execute an ‘operational handover’ with your new team.

The Serica Advantage

  • Direct access to our extensive network of multinationals, state-owned enterprises, unicorns, large enterprises, and investment firms;
  • Local knowledge of the commercial landscape – we know what it takes to localize your business model, establish the foundations, and scale your company in the Chinese market;
  • Global perspective and focus on the big picture to translate your needs and desires to this unfamiliar market;
  • Intelligent strategies that bring together diligent research, industry expertise, and local knowledge to map out the best route to achieve your business development goals;
  • Expert mediators with specialist cultural knowledge and diplomacy experience help facilitate smooth engagements, ensuring the trust and confidence levels of all parties remain high throughout;
  • Seasoned negotiators who can secure lucrative commercial contracts, strategic partnerships, and regulatory approval on your behalf;
  • Unique cross-cultural framework that enables us to create effective organizational structures and governance systems that ensure the long-term success of your subsidiary after the handover is complete;
  • Long-term support that you can rely on to augment your operations and business development after the initial project is completed; and
  • Flexible models of engagement to suit your company size, scope, and commercial goals, enabling you to plan your budget and resources more effectively.