Market Feasibility Reports

Gain a clear understanding of the market opportunities, risks, and challenges.

Look before you leap

Serica’s Market Feasibility Reports shine a light on the Chinese market, providing clear information and actionable insights to improve your decision-making. Our reports include but are not limited to the following areas:



ADDRESSABLE MARKET Key opportunities in the Chinese market for you to seize.
REGULATORY LANDSCAPE Basic overview of applicable regulatory requirements.
Shortlist of key provinces and cities to consider for your best entry points.
CUSTOMER PROFILES Profiles of your ideal customers, including their behavior and spending habits.
MARKETING CHANNELS Overview of the best marketing channels to reach your ideal target demographic.
RECRUITMENT NEEDS Minimum recruitment needs and labor market characteristics.
COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Overview of the competitive landscape of your sector and region.
IP CONSIDERATIONS Intellectual property implications and technology considerations.
FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Financial analysis, income projections, and a brief overview of potential tax implications.
RISK ASSESSMENT Cost and risk assessment providing invaluable insights to help mitigate risks and threats.
RECOMMENDATIONS Professional recommendations and actionable insights to streamline your decision-making.

All of our reports are tailored to your business, can be delivered in multiple languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese), and can be purchased as part of a package with our other market entry solutions.

Our Approach

Serica | Market Feasability Reports | Uncover

Our researchers gather reliable and up-to-date information that illuminates your target industry and region.

Serica | Market Feasability Reports | Understand

Our analysts study and connect the information to build a concise and reliable assessment of your market fit.

Serica | Market Feasibility Reports | Recommend

Our consultants review the findings and provide recommendations and insights that can be immediately put into action.


Serica offers three types of tailored market feasibility reports to suit your needs and budget.


- Industry Size and Growth
- Key Segments
- Industry Leaders
- Current Trends
- Primary Marketing Channels

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per report


Everything in the basic report

- Market Sizing
- Product & Service Analysis
- Customer Profiling
- Regional Market Breakdown
- Competitive Benchmarking
- Regulatory Landscape
- Market Validation
- Professional Recommendations

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Everything in the Standard Report +

- Financial Analysis
- Income Projections
- Tax Implications
- IP Implications
- Risk Assessment
- Professional Recommendations

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