Regulatory Approval

Forge a smooth and clear path to regulatory approval.

Serica - Market Representation - Regulatory Approval
Path to approval

China’s regulatory landscape has undergone significant reform in recent years. Balancing support of innovation and investment across key sectors (principally intelligent manufacturing, healthcare, and IT), while protecting consumers and the environment, has put regulators across the country in a race to keep pace with rapidly shifting market circumstances. For newcomers to the market, the highly complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape can be overwhelming, especially for those without strong local partnerships and working knowledge of the government.

Serica’s unique market access solution enables companies to gain the regulatory approval they need to access and operate in China. Utilizing our strong market position, deep sector knowledge, and experienced team of local professionals we go far beyond the standard ‘out of the box’ solutions on the market to forge a smooth and clear path to approval that can save years of time and millions of dollars.

Our Approach

Serica | Regulatory Approval | Uncover

Discover the regulations and market access barriers that apply to your solutions.

Serica | Regulatory Approval | Engage

Win support from government departments, universities, and research institutes.

Serica | Regulatory Approval | Expedite

Negotiate directly with regulators to reduce approval time and costs.

The Serica Advantage

  • Direct access to key government regulators and provincial departments of commerce;
  • Local knowledge of the regulatory landscape – we know what it takes to develop a smooth and clear path to regulatory approval;
  • Global perspective and focus on the big picture to translate your needs and desires to this unfamiliar market;
  • Unique approach and process that goes beyond typical “out of the box” solutions to deliver time and financial savings at every step;
  • Seasoned negotiators who can negotiate with the government to reduce approval time and costs;
  • Long term support with continual monitoring of regulatory changes and the key actions required to remain compliant; and
  • Flexible models of engagement to suit your company size, scope, and market access goals enabling you to plan your budget and resources more effectively.