Market Entry Solutions

Insights, strategies, and training to enter the market with confidence.

Serica Market Entry Solutions | Market Consultation
Market Consultation

Explore how your company can succeed in the Chinese market.

Serica Market Entry Solutions | Market Feasability Report
Market Feasability Reports

Gain a clear understanding of the market opportunities, risks, and challenges.

Serica Market Entry Solutions | China Market Entry Strategy
Market Entry Strategies

Arm yourself with an intelligent market strategy built around your needs.

Serica | Market Entry Solutions | Corporate Training

Learn to make more informed, strategic decisions about doing business in China.

China Desk

Serica has teamed up with some of the best in the industry to provide you with a range of top-class services and support. Our strategic partners can provide:

Serica | China Desk | Legal Services
Legal & IP
Serica | China Desk | Data & Architecture
Cloud & Infrastructure
Serica Market Entry Solutions | China Desk | Recruitment & HR
Recruitment & HR
Serica | China Desk | Testing & Diagnostics
Testing & Diagnostics
Serica | China Desk | Corporate Services
Corporate Services
Serica | China Desk | Supply Chain
Supply Chain
Serica | China Desk | Branding
Serica | China Desk | Branding & Marketing
Serica Market Entry Solutions | China Desk | Translation