Innovation Sourcing

Source the latest technology and innovations you need to fulfill your global ambitions.

Innovation to fuel your business

The global innovation landscape has changed. Value chains are increasingly fragmented, industrial and technological convergence is accelerating rapidly, and the need for custom, localized solutions (especially in developing economies) has never been higher.

Serica’s Innovation Sourcing solution enables you to access a network of world-class innovators that typically fall below the radar of most newcomers to the market. Utilizing our unique market position we source technology and close deals with speed and precision, saving you substantial time and resources.

Our Approach

Serica | Innovation Sourcing | Plan

Clearly define your goals, then work together to translate them into an actionable innovation strategy.

Serica | Innovation Sourcing | Source

Identify key innovators and suppliers, qualify them diligently, and compile a shortlist for your consideration.

Serica | Innovation Sourcing | Engage

Facilitate meetings and negotiate (with or on your behalf) agreements with your target companies.

The Serica Advantage

  • Direct access to the most exciting and disruptive companies (from startups and corporates to universities and research institutes) across China;
  • Local knowledge of the innovation landscape – we know what it takes to identify and effectively engage with the innovators you need to realize your global ambitions;
  • Global perspective and focus on the big picture to translate your needs and desires to this unfamiliar market;
  • Unique approach and process that goes beyond typical “out of the box” solutions to deliver significant time and financial savings at every step;
  • Expert mediators with specialist cultural knowledge and diplomacy experience help facilitate smooth engagements,  ensuring the trust and confidence levels of all parties remain high throughout;
  • Seasoned negotiators who can secure you favorable pricing and terms from suppliers as well as generous economic incentives from the government;
  • Long-term market representation post-project, enabling us to manage key private and government stakeholders on your behalf;
  • Added-value services such as site visits, deal management, and interpreter sourcing, to ensure every element of your project runs smoothly; and
  • Flexible models of engagement to suit your company size, scope, and innovation goals, enabling you to plan your budget and resources more effectively.