Market Entry Strategies

Arm yourself with an intelligent market strategy built around your needs.

Blueprint for success

Serica’s Market Entry Strategies give you a clear and practical roadmap to confidently enter, grow, and compete in the Chinese market. Based on your technology, business model, and capabilities, our tailored strategies include but are not limited to:



MARKET VALIDATION Overview of your addressable market and other relevant data to expand upon our market feasibility reports.
PRODUCT LOCALIZATION Best practice guidelines on how to localize your products/solutions to the market.
BUSINESS MODEL LOCALIZATION Recommendations on how to localize your business model and core offering to the unique needs of the Chinese market
CORPORATE STRUCTURE Blueprint on how to set up a tax-efficient corporate structure that enables smooth capital outflow.
MARKET ACCESS What regulations apply to you, and what steps you need to take to gain approval.
LANDING ZONE Shortlist of the three best cities to land in along with our recommendation.
ECONOMIC INCENTIVES Show what grants and tax subsidies you may qualify for and how to apply for them.
ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Management structures and approval mechanisms that enable the agility and flexibility you need to succeed.
RECRUITMENT Ideal candidate profiles of the local and international talent you will need.
MANAGEMENT PRACTICES Best practice guidelines for training, managing, and retaining local talent.
PUBLIC RELATIONS Measure the impact your expansion will have on your brand and how to communicate it effectively to different stakeholders.
CUSTOMERS Profiles of your customers and a tailored ‘sales pipeline’ to enhance your sales processes.
MARKETING CHANNELS Identification of key channels to pursue to enhance your brand and generate commercial leads.
PARTNER CHANNELS Profiles of key companies you can forge strategic partnerships with to accelerate your growth.
MARKET REACTION Understand the impact and response your entry will generate on the market and local ‘ecosystem clusters.’
COMPETITOR BENCHMARKING In-depth analysis of your primary competitors and what actions you can take to compete with them.
FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Expected capital requirements, revenue projections, and anticipated operating costs.
SERICA PLAYBOOK Best practice guide on how to engage with stakeholders and manage operations effectively.
INNOVATION STRATEGY Companies profiles and engagement guidance of technology companies who meet your needs.
INVESTMENT STRATEGY Determine your capital needs and develop guidelines on how to win investment.
M&A STRATEGY Different strategies on how to execute an effective merger, acquisition, or joint venture.
IP STRATEGY Different strategies to protect and commercialize your intellectual property.

All of our strategies are tailored to your business, can be delivered in multiple languages (English, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese), and can be purchased as part of a package with our other market entry solutions. 

Our Approach

Serica | Market Entry Strategies | Define

Gain a deep understanding of your technology, business model, internal capabilities, and goals for the market.

Serica | Market Entry Strategies | Uncover

Illuminate current market conditions, and identify your company’s ideal fit to achieve commercial success.

Serica | Market Entry Strategies | Guide

Deliver a clear and pragmatic blueprint for success that will enable you to enter and compete effectively.


Serica offers two types of tailored market entry strategies to suit your needs and budget.


- Market Research
- Product Localization
- Business Model Development
- Corporate Structure
- Market Access
- Landing Zone
- Grants & Subsidies
- Organizational Structure
- Recruitment
- Management Practices
- Public Relations
- Customers
- Marketing Channels
- Partner Channels
- Ecosystem Impact
- Competitor Benchmarking
- Financial Projections
- Serica Playbook

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Everything in the standard strategy +

a choice (or a combination) of:

- Innovation Strategy
- Investment Strategy
- M&A Strategy
- IP Strategy

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