Market Consultation

Explore how your company can succeed in the Chinese market.

Insights from experts

Serica’s Market Consultation solution lets you ask questions and talk through different scenarios with a Serica expert. Whether new to the market or an established player, our consultants can help you:

  • Understand the main opportunities, risks, and challenges of entering the Chinese market;
  • Avoid the major pitfalls and mistakes that prevent companies from succeeding;
  • Assess the viability of any specific ideas, plans, or strategies you may have;
  • Discover your ideal market, customers, and industry fit;
  • Navigate complex corporate structuring, regulatory hurdles, and tax implications;
  • Learn how to effectively engage with Chinese companies (including SOE’s), investors, regulatory bodies, and government departments;
  • Overcome potential challenges and pain points you are experiencing with viable and proven solutions;
  • Analyze complex situations with intelligent decision-making guided by expert recommendations.

Our market consultation service is charged by the hour (in advance) based on the rates below. Consultations can be either in person or online (via Zoom or Tencent Meetings) and are typically conducted in English.

Our Process

Our simple three-step process can be easily completed entirely online.

Serica | Market Consultation | Step 1

Provide as much detail as possible using the form in the link below.

Serica | Market Consultation | Step 2

Choose a time and date that suits you and receive a digital invoice.

Serica | Market Consultation | Step 3

Speak with our consultant for the amount of time you purchased.

Scope of Advice

Serica offers two different consultation plans depending on the scope, complexity, and depth of the topics covered.


Designed for companies exploring opportunities in the Chinese market. Examples include but are not limited to:

- Market opportunities
- Common challenges
- Company incorporation
- Chinese culture
- Industry ecosystems
- Business development
- Channel development
- Financial considerations


per hour


Designed for companies already operating in the Chinese market. Examples include but are not limited to:

- Investment consulting
- M&A consulting
- Contract management
- Intellectual property
- Corporate structuring
- Corporate governance
- Regulatory hurdles
- Government engagement
- Conflict resolution
- Crisis management


per hour