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Serica 赛瑞凯(中国)

Serica 赛瑞凯  (中国)

杭州赛瑞凯企业服务有限公司 is a joint venture – formed in Hangzhou, March 2021 – between Serica and Chinese conglomerate 汉鼎宇佑集团. Combining our cross-border innovation and transaction expertise with their global infrastructure and investment credentials we are empowering China’s leading innovators to enter new markets and achieve their global potential. With a compelling market position, dynamic business model, and unique competitive advantages we have ambitious plans to rapidly expand our operations into the innovation hubs of Shenzhen and Beijing in the next 18 months. We are beginning an ambitious recruitment drive to bring in ambitious, dynamic, and passionate professionals to join our team and help make our vision a reality.

Current Vacancies

Don’t see a vacancy that suits you? Have knowledge, experience, and resources that can bring value to Serica? Then get in touch by emailing your resume and cover letter to careers@brazil.serica-group.com

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