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The treacherous language barrier separating China and the west is well known, with serious translation mistakes commonplace among both Chinese and international companies. With scores of websites and social media pages devoted to these errors, simple oversights have undermined many a business’s reputation, undoing plenty of arduous work. At Serica Consulting we go beyond simply translating word for word, we immerse ourselves in your brand, engage with the real meaning of your content, before delivering a creative translation which will see your message vault the cultural divide. Chinese translation. Chinese translation. 

How it works

We blend translation, localisation and transcreation to bring your words to life


Translation is the process of rendering the text from one language into another without changing the content. This focuses on a literal word-for-word exchange between equivalents in the source and target languages. Best suited to technical documents such as catalogues and instruction manuals. Much less effective with persuasive and creative content.


Localisation takes text from one language into another while allowing for content to be changed, though the original meaning is preserved. Another common way of describing it would be ‘culturally-sensitive translation’. Primarily used to increase the resonance of a message whose subtlety/impact would be lost through literal translation.


Transcreation allows for a freer reimagining of the base text than localisation. Using the original message as a creative brief, it is shaped to fit the requirements of the target audience, incorporating cultural understanding into its new form. Works best for converting the likes of marketing slogans and branding lines, which feature more nuanced language.

Prices start from ¥1200 per thousand words / characters

Our unique system

We deliver first-class results every time

  • 1
    Chinese Translation - Serica Consulting - Document-Analysis

    Document Analysis

    Your documents are scrutinised before a quote is provided, detailing costs and timeframes.

  • 2
    Serica Careers - Serica Consulting - Communication Department

    Initial Translation

    Your project’s manager assigns the most suitable translator, who develops an initial literal translation.  

  • 3
    Chinese Translation - Serica Consulting - Editing


    One of our bi-lingual editors ensures there are no losses of meaning in the initial translation.


  • 4
    Strategy and Planning - Serica Consulting - Begin Localisation

    Localisation or Transcreation

    One of our native-English/Chinese copyeditors localises or transcreates the content.

  • 5
    Chinese Translation - Serica Consulting - Quality-Check

    Quality Check

    Finally, our proof-readers check through the work in its entirety to ensure it is up to the highest standard before being returned to you.